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New nature board books at How we Montessori

In our home, it's all about board books!! Otto cannot be trusted with any type of paper book, it would be quickly destroyed, ripped and/or eaten. But I also want to provide a wide range of books for him, not just the usual baby board books. So I've found a few nature-based board books that I love, that I'm happy to have in our home (that spark joy!!) and that will last through toddlerhood. 

  1. American Museum & Natural History ABC Birds - this is a gorgeous and large/oversize board book. It is striking and would make an impact as a gift. The images of the birds are large, clear, glossy and vibrant. There is also a good range of birds taking the reader from A to Z. 
  2. The British Museum Nature: Early learning at the Museum (UK only) - this concept is so interesting. The British Museum uses objects from their collections to engage with children in a board book format!
  3. Summer - this is a wordless book that many of you recommended when I featured some of our other Waldorf and wordless books. The images (illustrations) are so lovely and are really emotive, this book makes you feel summer!
  4. American Museum & Natural History Tadpole to Frog - this also has really clear, glossy and vibrant images, the photography is superb! This one is going to be fantastic for Otto as a toddler, it has little flap pages that take you through the metamorphosis process in a way that is really engaging. 
  5. National Geographic Kids Look & Learn Bugs - I love that this has words... often I want to talk to my children and give them facts about animals or nature but don't know what to say, this has a few words that make you feel like you may be teaching your child something. This is factual and to the point. 

P.S At ten months Otto's favourite board books still are My First Body (I think he likes looking at pictures of other babies, this is also good for the child's comprehension and knowing the names of body parts) and Baby Touch and Feel Animals. 

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