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Pictorial and illustrated recipes for kids at How we Montessori

We still have another week of school holidays to go so I've been bookmarking a few new recipes for Otis to try. He is able to read simple recipes but he still finds pictorial or illustrated recipes more interesting and easier to use. Here are a few I've put aside for him (pictured above):

Chocolate Cake 

Blueberry Muffins - and here too.

Cheesy Vegetable Bake - requires (free) registration to download.

Mango Yogurt Popsicles


Chocolate Chip Cookies 

Irish Soda Bread

Banana Bread 

Hometown Biscuits

These are all designed to be very basic recipes with minimal ingredients and steps. Even if your child can make these independently supervision is still recommended. If you haven't used pictorial or illustrated recipes before keep in mind that some are easier than others, you may find your child needs a picture for every step or may need help with some measurements, there may be a style of recipe they find easier to follow. 

I've found a lot of visual recipes, most of them low cost at TPT (by purchasing you are supporting teachers) here. TES also has a few low cost visual recipes, I've downloaded this series which is free. Both TPT and TES require you to register and log in which is also free. I've linked to two, but Raddish Kids have a few more free illustrated recipes to download.

These recipes provide ideas and inspiration on how to DIY your own recipe cards, you can see the recipes cards we've used previously here:

I've love to know if you have any favourite or most used illustrated recipes cards or if these work for your children. We've just ordered a FunPod for Otto so it won't be long and he will be cooking with us!

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