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Montessori *things* to Crochet

Montessori *things* to Crochet

Can you crochet or know someone who does? I love crochet and the way it brings texture and warmth into our home. We've used a lot of crochet materials such as rugs, baskets, rattles, teething toys and, balls. Here are a few crochet patterns that I'm loving that may be suitable for a Montessori home.

Rainbow Nesting Bowls / Linked Rings Toy / Baskets with Handles (but also love these and these)

Child Size Cleaning Cloths / Baby Rattle / Puzzle Ball (also similar here and here)

Colour Spin Balls (also love these Rainbow Juggling Balls) / Loop Baby Toy / Alphabet Letters 

Want more? How about crochet eggs or crochet vegetables? All of these are patterns, if you are wanting some crochet materials already made, I can recommend Pinkhouse Handworks for Montessori infant materials.

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