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Problem Solved - Height Adjustable Children's Table

Child's Montessori table  height adjustable at How we Montessori

Until recently Otis (7 yrs) didn't have a work area downstairs, he would often work at the dining table which really wasn't suitable, he often wanted to use it around dinner time and didn't want to pack up his work. It was an unhappy situation. 

If I was going to create a space for him downstairs, it was going to have to be a dynamic space, it would need to be flexible and suitable for everyone to use. It would have to be somewhere Caspar (10 yrs) and Otto (10 months) could comfortably work too. Perhaps it could be a creative area for Otis but also a table we could use for snacks for Otto's playdates or a homework table for Caspar and his friends. 

I measured Caspar and Otis' desks upstairs and found the perfect solution, an adjustable children's table. I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner.

l Iooked online and found this table (similar US) it has a good height range of 19 to 30 inches. It's a bit too tall to use as a weaning table (ours are 14-15 inches) but Otto can comfortably stand at it to join in with colouring, playdough or snack (it's not at the lowest setting in these pictures). There are many occasions when all three boys want to work on a project together. It's large enough to seat 2-4 children at once, and it is durable. 

Although I love the all wooden tables, I know this one would last, even with one child it's easy to adjust to the perfect height. If you have a small space that needs to work for more than one child, perhaps an adjustable children's table is worth considering.

Child's Montessori table  height adjustable at How we Montessori

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