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Discovery & Treasure Baskets to Love

Coloured treasure baskets

Otto is really loving discovery baskets, we only have a couple on his shelves but I'm always looking for fresh inspiration. Here are a few baskets that I really like, they all have lots of texture and lots of natural, easy to find items. 

Otto's basket at 10 months.  

This basket is for a sitting six-month-old. "Here's a treasure basket I put together today filled with natural textures, a mixture of items that she can shake, roll, pick up with two hands or with a palmar grasp. The idea behind this is heuristic play, in which bubs discover the properties of different objects that she explores." Jules at Stories of Play. 

Sponges - for a seven-month-old. 

Simplicity - for an eight month old. 

Metal things - this is for a baby 9-10 months old. This would make a lot of great sounds! 

Rolling things - for an eight-month-old. 

Textured ribbons!

Lots of beautiful wooden items. 


Natural items for a baby toddler class.

I love these big seed pods, wood discs and, pine cones. 

Circles. We are currently using a basket like this and the baby link toys have become a favourite. 

Shells. I am sure that we have enough large shells and beach items to try this one.   

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