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Autumn Nature Tables to Love!

Today we swapped over some of our Summer books to make way for our Autumn books. The days are becoming shorter, darker and cooler. We are slowly adding Autumn items and materials to our nature table. I call it a nature table although it is also, very much a seasonal table.

I love the warm colours and the glow of Autumn nature tables. Below I'm sharing some nature tables that have given me ideas and inspiration. Many of these are in Australia - if you are thinking the dates don't add up. Most of these are Waldorf inspired. To make them more suitable for a Montessori home I would remove references to fantasy, even for my older children I make our nature/seasonal table reality based. I would also ensure there are lots of items from nature, perhaps that the children collect or bring home throughout the season. Above is just a small snippet of what is becoming our Autumn nature table! 

 I love the textures here, the use of silks and felt. 

We've used a window (and window picture) for light but above is a little lamp, l love the idea of bringing a little bit of a glow/light to the nature table. Beeswax candles would work well too. 

Yes, bring in all the leaves and pine cones!

The children's painting and the hanging leaves are everything!

Not a nature table but I'll be making these with my children - an Autumn mobile! 

Can we start sharing more Montessori based nature and seasonal tables? Tag me @howwemontessori or #montessorinaturetable.

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