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Five Things - What We Are Reading/Eating/Wearing/Listening To and Playing With

Five Things at How we Montessori

How was your week? I know I've mentioned it previously but I love the Forest School concept and feel it's something more Montessori schools could take on board. Today Otis' class (Year 3) was in the forest from 10am to 3pm. They had all of their lessons including French, Music and Maths - in the forest. They played a game like gofindit but in French! They toasted marshmallows and made bows and arrows. I could tell at the end of the day he was feeling so fulfilled. Isn't that what we all want for our children? Here are a few things that we are reading, eating, wearing, listening to and playing with this week:

READING: Woodlark (they have a fantastic DIY for Montessori shelves) + My Little Keepers + Foraging with Kids

EATING: Sweet Beet Hummus by The Happy Pear. It's the best Beet Hummus I've found outside Australia. Eat with sourdough, crackers, apple, carrot, celery, other raw vegetables or add to a sandwich or wrap. The Happy Pear is also a company I'm happy to support!

WEARING: As the weather gets cooler we are loving fair trade and organic corduroy dungarees including these green ones from Serendipity Organics and these from Little Green Radicals, they are adorable and incredibly hardwearing.

LISTENING TO: The Montessori Education Podcast by Jesse McCarthy. Jesse is AMI trained and previously worked at LePort Schools. I recommend this to parents, teachers, grandparents, anyone who has an interest in Montessori.

PLAYING WITH: The Peg Board. I've been searching everywhere for a wooden peg board for Otto, he is now using this one. I also found this one by Plan Toys, which looks fabulous. I love these for developing fine motor skills and concentration but also later for patterning.

I hope you have a lovely weekend! 

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