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Autumn Nature Tables to Love!

Something so beautiful...

Something so beautiful

I've been reading two forest school books. Play the Forest School Way and A Year of Forest School. All of the activities have at least two things in common. They are absurdly simple and nature/found things are the hero. Sun prints are a bit like that. Simple to do, and it's nature that steals the show.

When we observe the seasons and the changing of seasons we often look at birds and the trees. When looking for interesting items to use for our sun prints we found a lot of feathers from the birds, and leaves and flowers from trees and plants.  

The simplicity of it bought us back to the simple shape and form of the found things. 

Something so beautiful-2

We found a little bit of beauty in our everyday!

How we Montessori coloured sun prints

I know there are a lot of sun print kits out there, so I wanted to give a shout out to the company behind the Solar Photography Kit that we use, if you are local to the UK, check them out on Etsy here. I found them at the Frome Independent - which is always fantastic.

Solar photography kit at How we Montessori

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