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Around Here - Toy Rotation, Beeswax Creations, Crayons + More

HWM Rotating toys

How often do you rotate your infant/toddler toys and materials? I do it every week, but it's more like an update or refresh rather than rotation. We've moved our shelves to add Otto's wooden barn play area and some new playsilks. 

Making wax sculptures at How we Montessori

There are a lot of Waldorf handcrafts that I love. Felting and beeswax modelling are two that we use in our home. I love these little creations by Otis! He has learnt to use the candles to warm his modeling wax.  

Otto with first crayons at How we Montessori

Montessori wrote so much about the use of the hand. Otto is learning that he can use his hands and the crayon to mark the paper. Mostly he tried to eat the crayons so we'll be keeping them out of reach for a bit longer. I love to see the different ways he picked up and handled the crayons, it's wonderful to see those little hands and fingers at work.

Otto with crayons at 12 months at How we Montessori

At this age I tape the paper to the table for almost all arts, we also use a heavier watercolour paper that doesn't tear easily.  And the cutest little vase of flowers that Otto and I picked together!

Otto's practical life materials 12 months

A small collection of Otto's practical life tools at 12 months. He is cutting/chopping but soft foods only. The little sponge is a must at this age, no reason why they can't start help cleaning up!  

Planetarium at How we Montessori

A few new books that we are reading and loving. I'm often reading Migration (only one double page spread) or Rhythm of the Rain at bedtime to Otis and Otto. Planetarium is wonderful and beautiful as you would expect but the text is a bit heavy, this is mostly read by Caspar (10yrs). I've also been reading poetry to the boys at night, it's so calming. There is a cute little bookshop in Frome and we all pick up a new book each time we visit, it's now one of our favourite things to do!

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