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Weekend Montessori Reading - Links and Things + Montessori E-Course Giveaway

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What are you up to this weekend? We are hoping to visit a castle or two, there are so many castles and ruins around our area. If you are looking for some reading here are a few Montessori related links are articles that I've been enjoying this week.  

  1. Jeff Bezos says he will use his riches to open Montessori preschools at Chalkbeat! 
  2. Have you seen the Toggler?? The Toggler allows young children to use-out-of reach light switches.
    It's easy to install, completely removable and can be re-used on other switches. Designed in Canberra. Pre-Orders are open here. Use the promo code: earlyadopter for $5 off each purchase. It is the only product that I know of its kind made specifically for Australian light switches. Please share this with any Australian families or schools that might be interested.  
  3. This is a sweet story about finding a good preschool for your child, Our Montessori Preschool Story at des moines moms blog.
  4. Are you liking anything from Ikea's new range? I wish I had space for their new Ypperlig Children's Table and benches, I love the design (I'm sure I could make them fit somewhere?). The Skogsliv card game could be used as matching work. I haven't seen this children's baking set before, it looks good, these are real tools not toys. I think might be time for a new post about our Ikea finds. 
  5. Cardiff Montessori have put together a Positive Language and Behaviour Management: A Montessori Approach booklet, it's well worth downloading and reading, for parents, caregivers and, teachers! I've got so much out of reading it.
  6. Are you interested in doing a Montessori at home online course? Bella's Casa are offering their Montessori Home Set-Up E-Course to the value of $299 USD to one How we Montessori reader, open worldwide. If you would like to enter please leave a comment at the end of this blog post stating what is one area of your home you would like to improve for your children? Entries will close Wednesday 19th September 2018 9pm British Summer Time. Registrations for the course are now open and you can get a $50 USD discount using the coupon code MONTESSORI50. For further details about the course please read here

These are nice visuals around healthy eating - Healthy Alphabet Cards from Teepee Learning. The photographs are lovely and they have a recipe on the back. They are also a downloadable product which makes them really affordable ($15 AUD) and accessible worldwide, I've just downloaded mine.

My children have been enjoying growing crystals this week, but not with a lot of success, let me know your best tips. 

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

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