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Friday Favourites - Montessori Links and Things

Montessori Links and Things HWM October 2018

Next week my children are on mid-term break. They have two weeks of school holidays and I can't wait. Otis is currently exploring electrical circuits and Caspar is planning to create some history timelines. Hopefully, there will be lots of nature walks and baking in the mix! Here are a few links and things I've been enjoying this week.

  1. As I wrote about school camp earlier in the week, I loved this insight Lower Elementary Overnight... at Villa di Maria Montessori School. 
  2. This is thought-provoking because it happens in the Montessori world too. Making Exceptions to the Rule at Whole Family Rhythms. 
  3. Why We Don't Correct a Child in Montessori at baan dek. This is so important!
  4. Organic, unisex and nature-themed clothing for kids - I'm loving this range at Stay Bird
  5. Our 2019 Nature Almanac has just arrived, this would make a lovely gift or perhaps for the Christmas stocking!
  6. I have a post about Halloween coming next week, but we will be making these awesome frozen yoghurt ghosts from Baking with Kids, perhaps with some child-made yoghurt! Is it possible for children to enjoy a healthy Halloween treat?

I hope you have a beautiful weekend! 

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