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Learning About - Animal Cells

Animal Cells  Montessori tools

Sometimes a child's interest can revolve around something a little off beat or around something you would not have previously thought about. Following my recent post Realistic Science Books for Kids and reading The Animal Cell, we have been doing some hands-on learning about animal cells. I think the best way for children to learn the parts of the cell is to make one, perhaps with various coloured card or perhaps with plasticine. I love a good felt model too. Here are a few other ideas for learning about animal cells:

  1. Animal Cell Felt Board - with labels, this is lovely!
  2. Cross Section Animal Cell Model - one side is labelled and the other side isn't - this allows the children to use each side when they are ready. 
  3. Animal Cell Hand Carved Stamp - this is awesome but perhaps more of a novelty for science lovers.
  4. Animal Cell Cross Section Vinyl Sticker - ok, perhaps also a novelty but I'm loving it!
  5. Animal Cell Nomenclature Book - now this is real Montessori learning, contains pictures and description cards, the child will not only be able to name the parts but know a little about what they do. Could also be used with an anatomy model. 
  6. 4D Animal Cell Anatomy Model - My children use a lot of these anatomy models although they can be tricky to put together and may need to be handled with care.
  7. Labelling Plant and Animal Cell Parts - my children would really enjoy this. I wish this was a printable, I might check TPT for something comparable.  
  8. Printable Plant and Animal Cell Posters 
  9. Giant Magnetic Animal Cell - I love that you can move the parts around with this! 

Most of these are also available in a Plant Cell option. Using them together could be useful as noting the differences may help the child understand their functions. Anyone else loving teaching science at home, it might be my favourite subject! 

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