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Lovevery - For Montessori Babies! Birth to 12 Months+.

Love Every Play Gym at How we Montessori-2

Today I want to share with you a subscription service that is a game changer! There are a lot of Montessori subscription services available. Until now there hasn't been one I would recommend. I am actually really disappointed that I've only now found Lovevery as they are for children from birth to 12 months. But if you are a new parent or are expecting, I'm excited that you may like and use this. I get a lot of emails from parents who don't know what to do with their new babies - this is for you! 

In the months after Otto was born I was so tired, so much more than I had expected to be. I started googling activities to do with him because I just couldn't remember what was age appropriate, I couldn't even remember what I had done with my previous children at the same age. Not only does Lovevery provide lots of toys and materials for each month, they also provide a guide on what to use and when, a little about what your baby may be doing or interested in and lots of other activity ideas for you to try. It's not pushy or preachy just gentle ideas that are helpful!

Lovevery doesn't even advertise as a Montessori service. They have a Montessori expert on their development team but they also have a psychologist, occupational therapist, professors, doctors and, child development researchers. Having looked over their entire package I know that Lovevery suits Montessori families. Some of their materials include black and white cards, mirror, puzzle balls, bell cylinder, interlocking discs, weaning cup and spoon, egg and cup, object permanence box, circle puzzle, open and close containers, pincer grasp block! 

They also have lots of other fun materials that we would like too such as shape bean bags, play socks and the magic tissue box! They use organic cotton, sustainably sourced wood and they have toys with texture like felt balls and a woven treasure basket. Their designs are also very clean and modern. Let's take a look! All of our Lovevery products are c/o Lovevery

Love Every Play Gym otto standing  picture cards

Lovevery has two product categories. The first is the Play Gym. It's large and colourful without being overwhelming. The arch is natural timber and the main base is white with colours on the edging.  Does this suit a Montessori home? I think so! It is large enough that it can accommodate a rolling baby and it's also well suited to tummy time. All of the toys are detachable. It comes with the organic cotton high contrast ball (puzzle ball), batting ring (which also has a bell), organic cotton teether, BPA free teething rings, black and white card set, mirror card set, common objects card set, body parts card set and a play guide. It's actually really beautiful. The bottom is padded and the play gym also comes with a cover (see below) so the older child can use it as a cubby, reading nook or covered playspace, it's nice and cozy, Otto also likes to use it to play peek-a-boo. 

The play gym is perfect for tummy time, the card holder is removable, it stays on with velcro. There are four slots for cards which are interchangeable, we currently have two mirrors on the bottom and two familiar/object pictures on the top. Even now (at 12 months) Otto loves to use the mirrors and all of the cards are fantastic for building vocabulary - so the child will definitely still use them once they are older. I would have LOVED to use this with Otto earlier. 

Love Every Pincer Grasp Block at How we Montessori

The other category is the Play Kits - "Wonder-inducing playthings, delivered every other month.". This works like a subscription service. We have the Play Kit for The Thinker 11-12 Months. The full range of kits include;

  • The Looker - Weeks 0-8
  • The Charmer - Months 3-4
  • The Senser - Months 5-6
  • The Inspector - Months 7-8
  • The Explorer - Months 9-10
  • The Thinker - Months 11-12

The Lovevery site lists all of the materials in the kits. Here I've only shown a sample of what we have received. These aren't the sort of toys that children will use once and then move on. These are the sort of toys that children will keep on going back to over and over again -  it's so well thought out.

Love Every Pincer Grasp Block at How we Montessori

The 'First Wallet' and 'Big Spender Cards' have been Otto's favourite for almost a month now. Cards go in, card come out, wallet gets carried all around the house. The colours of all the products are so lovely, colourful yet soothing! Using this little zipper is great for his fine motor skills. 

Love Every Pincer Grasp Block at How we Montessori

Pincer grasp block. Yes to Montessori materials! 

Love Every Pincer Grasp Block at How we Montessori

This little book is adorable and again Otto takes it everywhere, in his walker wagon or in his bag. 

Love Every Pincer Grasp Block at How we Montessori

The doll is Waldorf style and can be dressed and undressed once the child is older. The quality of the materials is important to note, everything is fantastic quality, everything is holding up after a lot of use. 

Love Every Pincer Grasp Block at How we Montessori

I love these balls. They are called 'Opposite Balls'. One is light and one is heavy. A wonderful sensorial material. 

Love Every Ball Push at How we Montessroi

Above is a ball push 'Sliding Top Box'. The felt ball needs to be pushed into the hole then the child needs to move the sliding lid to remove the ball. It's a hit here and is used over and over. It's good for coordination, hand and arm strength and developing concentration.

Love Every Pincer Grasp Block at How we Montessori

The activity kits are full, ours also included stickers that the child can wear for photos but could also be used on photobooks or memory boxes (I'm respecting that Otto doesn't want to wear his).

Love Every Pincer Grasp Block at How we Montessori

Our play kit also included wooden coins/tokens, the little Animal Book and larger Opposites board book, Scribble cards with envelopes and a beautiful little vase.

Love Every Pincer Grasp Block at How we Montessori

Above are some of the items that come with the Lovevery Play Gym. All of these could be used by older children and can be used as part of the play gym or separate. The cards are perfect for language development. The black and white cards could also be used on the wall near a baby change area. The Lovevery Play Gym is also available in the US on Amazon (read the reviews!). 

If you are expecting or have a child under 12 months I recommend having a look at Lovevery, it doesn't matter if you are new to Montessori, Montessori trained or an experienced Montessori parent, you will find it useful. The activity kits could be used alone, you wouldn't even need additional toys, or you could use them alongside other Montessori materials if you wanted to. 

Lovevery has free standard shipping in the continental US and they also have gifting and baby registry options. Now is a great time for giving family especially Grandparents gift ideas for Christmas! You can also follow on Instagram for lots more product photographs and activity ideas. You might also like the Lovevery blog including the article 11 best Montessori toys for baby's first year

Thank you so much to Lovevery for our Play Gym and Activity Set. Thank you also for developing such a developmentally appropriate and beautiful toy range and guides that will help many families. 

This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support. 

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