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Montessori - Tools For Independence

Montessori Tools for Independence at HWM

We almost have a toddler in the house so it's time for us to start thinking about ways we can support his movement and his independence. I've been here before with my two older children but this house is different and this child is different! So I've been making a list of household tools that would be useful to support Otto's independence but also a few things that could assist Otis (7 yrs) too. These are a few things that we want, need or feel would be useful.

  1. Light Switch Extender - for the child's bedroom and bathroom. At night especially when toilet learning, you want the child to be able to reach the light without tripping or having to move around step stools. A great invention, I would suggest from around two years. 
  2. Changeable Picture Frame - love this idea! I've just ordered this so let me know if you want to see it in action. It would be lovely for a younger child to use to be able swap around their art-work independently, picture frames are so hard to use and this is good for bulky collages too. 
  3. Faucet Extender - for reaching water for washing hands or brushing teeth, depending on the basin this can often be useful for older children too.
  4. Faucet Handle Extender - who knew this existed? For turning the tap on and off. 
  5. Temporary Soap Holder - fantastic idea if your child likes to use the shower and can't reach the soap. 
  6. Suction Mirror - for brushing hair or teeth at their level. 
  7. Easy Open Containers - for hair ties, play dough, craft supplies, snacks, pet treats. With a toddler it may be best to buy these in store and see which types/brands they find easiest to open. 
  8. Temporary Wall Hooks - for almost anything - dustpan and broom, apron, towels.
  9. Coat and Bag Rack - installed at the child height for raincoats, umbrellas, backpacks, bags.
  10. Children's Night Light Clock - I am a new convert to this, living in a country where you can't depend on the sun to wake you, or to tell the time I now consider this essential!
  11. Ring Towel Holder - think art area, handwashing area, bathroom, kitchen.
  12. Small Containers - easy-to-use pump or squeeze bottles. Think soap at all basins, shampoo/conditioner, pet wash, dishwashing liquid, sunscreen, lotion/moisturizer, bubble bath. 
  13. Step Stool - useful in all areas of the home.  


  • Wardrobe Extenders - these are so good for renters and we've used them in our last two homes. 
  • Toilet Steps - possibly more stable than a step stool.
  • Small basket with handles - for carrying and transporting things around the home and garden. 

There are obviously a lot of other tools and furniture that will help specifically in the kitchen and garden, but I feel like these cover the every day living. Let me know if I've missed one of your must-haves.   

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