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Promoting Independence - Light Switch Extender + Giveaway

The Toggler at How we Montessori

"Independence when they're ready for it, not just when they're big enough."- Little Products

I love this quote because as parents we know that size matters, we want our children to be independent and capable around the home but our homes are made for adults! We have adult size furniture, adult size counters and, cupboards, taps and, toilets. We can do a lot to change this, we design and order child-size furniture, we have stools so they can reach counters. We can also use extenders so that children can reach taps and light switches. 

Until now, there hasn't been a light switch extender for Australian families. How can this be? It's taken two sisters from Canberra to see this need and now take this product to market. (Their other sister is a presenter on Playschool!!). The light extender is called the toggler. So cute!

But first about the light switch extender - the toggler.

  • Easy to install and uninstall - attaches to the light panel with adhesive pads, which are easy to remove. 
  • Glows in the dark - has a glow in the dark locater making it easy to find at night. 
  • Lowers the switch access by 23cms - recommended for children around two years+. 
  • Modern Design - looks good!
  • Designed for Australian's most common light switch - the horizontal and vertical rocker switch, also works on horizontally stacked rocker switches, and multiple togglers can be used on the same switch plate (the website has further information and diagram). 
  • Available in packs of two - perhaps one for the child's room and one for the bathroom.

What's the big deal about a light extender? There is no reason a child shouldn't be able to use the light switch independently, most Montessori families do it but use a cumbersome step stool. For toilet visits in the middle of the night or just the ability to turn the light on and off when they want, it's one less thing they (the child) has to ask the adult for, one more thing they can have control over.  It also sends a powerful message, it tells the child that we value them and their autonomy, where and when we can we will accommodate their needs.  How great are they for teaching children to conserve energy too!

We would love one of these in every room! They are also a great idea for Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles, babysitters, home daycare. If you have relatives in Australia, please share this with them. If you operate a Montessori playgroup, daycare or school in Australia, please consider sharing this with your families. Pre-orders are required to get the toggler into production. The toggler can be pre-ordered here (delivery expected in December 2018). If you are in the US, our American friends use and recommend the KidSwitch

We have five sets of togglers to giveaway!!! Each set has two togglers (light switch extenders). The giveaway is limited to those with an Australian address. To enter please leave a comment in the comments section of this blog post sharing two tips on fostering independence in the home with a toddler! Five families will be chosen and each will receive one set of togglers to be delivered in December 2018. Comments will close on Sunday 21 October 2018 at 9pm British Summer Time. Please, only one comment per family. You can also follow Little Products on Instagram here.

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