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A List of Free Montessori At Home / Parenting Courses

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Many schools run parent information nights or Montessori parenting classes but sometimes these can be hard to get to or hard to find, especially if you have little ones or if your children don't attend a Montessori school. There are a lot of Montessori at Home e-courses available (I recommend this one) but I want to share with you this list of free courses. I haven't done all of these personally but I know and trust all of the organisations and the people behind them. All of these are online and are completely free. 

  • Education for Peace at Montessori St Nicholas - 3 weeks, 6 hours total, free, start anytime. "This course is the starting point for those who are interested in Maria Montessori’s belief in, and approach to social change. It will explore how she came to form her viewpoint of peace being not simply a counterpoint to war, but rather an all-encompassing way of viewing and living your life as a member of a global society. Peace Education will be examined both as a concept and in reality, with examples and suggestions of how it can be promoted and developed with all ages of children. We will also discuss what the adult can do to both be at peace themselves and be ready to support others."
  • Welcoming a new-born into the family the Montessori way at Montessori St Nicholas - 3 weeks, 6 hours total, free, start anytime. "This course will cover: Pregnancy, breaking the news and preparation; Preparing the environment; Birth and welcoming the new-born/sibling home; First weeks, adjusting, getting support. This course also includes a free global Montessori stories area where participants are encouraged to share their stories and experiences of adding another member to the family."
  • How to choose a Montessori nursery for my child at Montessori St Nicholas - 1 week, 2 hours total, free, start anytime. "Choosing a nursery for your child can be a tricky time for parents, with so many choices available it can also be an overwhelming time. This course is designed to help you identify what makes a Montessori nursery different, how it can help your child and family in making this big step, and how you can be confident in your choice. It will include some mythbusting – much has been written about Montessori education, we will help you get to the fact. After completing the course you will be able to visit a Montessori nursery equipped with the knowledge to make a decision on whether it is right for your child, and have a deeper understanding of how and why they are run as they are."
  • Montessori at Home Crashcourse at The Prepared Environment. Start anytime, free. "It includes an overview of the Montessori method, the universal principles that you can take from a classroom setting into your home, and three steps to creating a Montessori prepared environment, no matter where you are. By the end of the course, you’ll not only have answers, you’ll know if this style of parenting is something you’d like to adapt for yourself." Also includes a private discussion group, helpful catchphrases and key elements of a prepared space. Run by Leanne (AMI Primary trained).
  • Montessori Parenting Short Course at The Montessori Family. Starts the third week in January 2019, includes guest talks, approx 1 week + three days, free, sign up for further information here. Run by Carine

If you have a course that you would like to add to this list, please leave a link in the comments or email me. If you have an infant or toddler I highly recommend looking around for a parent/toddler class, seeing a Montessori environment in person for the first time can be life-changing.

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