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Montessori Home and School - Garden Ideas

I know for a lot of people the weather is getting cooler and it might not be gardening weather, but in Australia, it is currently spring! So I'm thinking about pretty gardens and how to bring more greenery into our home. Here are a few Montessori school and home ideas that are simply beautiful. 

"Nestled between the two renovated homes that house classrooms, the Montessori at Mulberry has created a gorgeous garden space its preschool kids want to work, eat and learn in constantly. Details like tiny colorful watering cans, chalk art, a rain barrel, colorful vines and accessible raised beds are part of its charm. Here a flat of kids juice cartoons was #upcycled for tomato seedlings! And those broccoli flowers? Eaten right off the plant." - Old Cloverdale Garden.

"Most children brought their plants in today! I always ask they bring in one potted plant (I suggest what kind based on the light in the room). They care for them by watering, pruning and cleaning their leaves. Plus it makes our room pretty!" - Missy Montessori.

Each child in the class brings in a plant to care for, what a wonderful idea, look how different all the plants are. I notice the plants are sitting in large clear trays, good idea for containing mess and water.  

"A child checks their plant daily - if it has a “water clip” (pictured here - a clothespin with a blue dot on it), they take the clip off, return it to the water clip bowl, take a small pitcher provided on the shelf and “gives it a drink”! If the plant doesn’t have a clip, it doesn’t get watered that day. As time goes on I also introduce leaf cleaning." - Missy Montessori.

A home plant care station for a toddler.

"Outdoor shelf • 1st layer: A water source, some plants to tend (these are turmeric) • 2nd layer: A mortar and pestle for crushing eggshells to use as fertilizer, a dropper transfer work, a funnel work • 3rd layer: Miscellaneous things to use with the water table nearby." - Montessorium.

 An indoor garden, the plants make this space special! 

Wow!! This is at a Montessori school in Morocco.

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