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Montessori Mushroom (and Fungi Kingdom) Work

Montessori Fungi Work at How we Montessori-2Mushrooms and the entire Fungi Kingdom are really fascinating. Not a plant, not an animal! The Fungi Kingdom is often over looked for the more popular Animal and Plant Kingdoms but can be just as interesting to children. I love that there are so many Montessori materials about Mushrooms and Fungi that I can find materials for my children's age groups and materials that I know will interest them! Here are a few materials that we are using and that we are loving:

  1. Mushrooms: How to Identify and Gather Wild Mushrooms and Other Fungi. This is by far the most beautiful book I've found on Mushrooms, with large and clear photographs. Perfect for the home or school reference library.
  2. Mushroom 3-Part Cards*. I've chosen these as the images are clear and are also really beautiful. For older children, it's also nice to have the fungi in the natural habitat.
  3. Grow Your Own Mushrooms - in the UK we used this kit, it worked really quickly and easily, producing lots of mushrooms. I recommend doing this at least once, it was wonderful to see the mushrooms grow everyday, the kids loved it!
  4. Mushroom Inset Puzzle
  5. Parts of a Mushroom - this is a felt DIY set. 
  6. Mushroom Anatomy Poster*
  7. Notes and Drawings of Mushrooms - this store has a lovely collection of Mushroom related materials.
  8. The Five Kingdom Chart - this can help tie it all together and allow the child to see where Fungi fits in.
  9. Mushroom Identification Cards- I love the design of these, easy to use and they look fantastic on display too. 

Don't forget that making spore prints can be a lot of fun too! 

* We access these through Teachers Pay Teachers

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