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Today was Otto's first day at his toddler Forest School class. I am feeling very inspired by the activities there and the open natural learning spaces. Look forward to a few Forest School posts soon. So today I'm sharing a few ideas that I've bookmarked for creating a connection with nature in our indoor spaces.

Above labeling and displaying items collected from a nature walk. I'm going to start to do this and using scientific names. 

Make your classroom come alive! I've never thought of growing sweet potatoes like this!  

I love life cycle models but nothing beats the real thing. Beans take only days to sprout (soak them in warm water first)!

I've always loved this activity!! Matching seeds to vegetables. 

"Making plants relevant to urban children." So many good ideas here from the Williamsburg Montessori School.

Science shelves in a Montessori home, but I take inspiration from this as a nature centre. 

And this space, just because it's so beautiful, Allyson always has lots of lovely nature displays. From a homeschooling family at Tanglewood Hollow.

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