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Montessori Stocking Stuffers - Babies to Preschoolers

Montessori Baby Gift Guide Stocking Stuffers

Are you looking for Christmas gift ideas? Perhaps you are looking for small toys for friends or stocking stuffers? I have listed some of our most used toys and favourite gift ideas for Montessori children - infants to preschoolers. All of these will fit into an average size stocking - some of them I would take out of their packets (like blocks, stamps and gardening tools) and wrap individually. I have included lots of links but please use these ideas and find products locally!

For Babies (birth to 1 year)

  1. Montessori Baby Set - Pack of Five Toys
  2. Coloured Egg Shakers
  3. Baby Beads Rattle
  4. Mini Bell Rattle
  5. Montessori Teething Ball
  6. Willow Rattle
  7. Natural Rubber Sensory Ball 
  8. Baby Rattle - Black and White
  9. Creamy Soft Baby Rattle
  10. Single Cylinder Block
  11. Black and White Baby Art Cards
  12. Organic Teething Ring with Doll
  13. Natural Rubber Teether
  14. Natural Rubber Star Ball
  15. Cup with Peg/Egg/Ball
  16. Infant Bell
  17. Natural Wood Rings

Montessori Baby Gift Guide Stocking Stuffers

For Toddlers (1-3 years approx)

  1. Mini Wooden Rainbow
  2. Leaf Threading Set
  3. Waldorf Hand Kite
  4. Pop Up Toy
  5. Montessori Three Peg Block
  6. Schleich Farm Animals
  7. Wooden Car
  8. Mini Rainbow Stacker
  9. Three Shapes Puzzle
  10. Rainbow Sound Blocks 
  11. Toddler Paint Brush
  12. 3D Feel and Match Set 
  13. Lacing Beads
  14. Natural Instruments
  15. Playsilks
  16. Children's Kitchen Tools
  17. Montessori Toddler Apron
  18. Matching Cards - Farm Animals

Montessori Baby Gift Guide Stocking Stuffers

For Preschoolers + (3-6 years approx)

  1. Matching Dinosaur Cards
  2. Flash of Brilliance Dinosaur Cards
  3. Wikki Stix
  4. Go Find It - Nature Scavenger Hunt Cards
  5. Knitting Fork / Lucet
  6. Watercolour Paint Set
  7. Nature Stencils
  8. Siku Emergency Vehicle Set
  9. Beeswax Block Crayons
  10. Ferby Colour Pencils
  11. Textured Paint Wands
  12. Animal Cookie Cutters
  13. Fine Motor Tool Set
  14. Butterfly Lifecycle Set
  15. Super Spinning Top
  16. Spinning Tops
  17. Glass Prism
  18. Flower Press
  19. Montessori Letter Work / Number Work
  20. Kids World Party - Putumayo Kids CD
  21. Small Sunprint Set
  22. Large Magnifying Glass X3
  23. Birds Fandex
  24. Bird Call
  25. Bug Viewer
  26. Kids Binoculars
  27. Transport Stamp Set
  28. Three Piece Garden Tool Set + Seeds
  29. Pocket Microscope
  30. Insect TOOB Set
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