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New Toys and Materials 13 - 14 months old.

Montessori Materials 13-14 months at HWM

Today I want to share some the new materials that Otto is using at 13 - 14 months old. He has only recently mastered materials like the peg board and the ring slide (so fun to watch!). Others like the ball push he could easily do months ago but now he is really enjoying the repetition and is using it more than ever. The trike is a fairly new addition (a hand-me-down from Otis). These puzzles are such a must for me, I love how they have real images, they are also great for language development. I wouldn't ordinarily buy the Mega Bloks but ours were a gift and Otto really likes them, I only put out a handful at a time, he is just learning how to connect them. The wallet and cards are a huge hit and would be easy to replicate! 

  1. Pegboard 
  2. Ring Slide (in the US Early School Materials has a nice handmade version)
  3. Magnetic Blocks
  4. Large Fruit Puzzle
  5. Large Farm Animal Puzzle
  6. Ball Push with Sliding Lid
  7. Mega Bloks
  8. Wallet and Cards
  9. Wooden Trike

Other materials that are really popular right now include the Pikler Arch, Playsilks, Wooden Barn + Schleich Farm Animals, Music Basket and, Open-Close Basket. We are still using almost, of all the materials (on rotation) from Our Favourite Toys and Montessori Materials - at 12 months. Do you notice anything missing? Otto still isn't into ring/stacking toys, he can use them but chooses not to, so I've taken them out of rotation for now. Not every child is going to love all of the materials! 

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