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Over the weekend we ordered our Christmas gifts for our children's teachers. This year we are buying for nine teachers including class teachers, teacher assistants, sports teachers and head of school. That's a lot! We usually give all of our teachers the same or similar items, we stick to a theme. I have learnt that small gifts are better, they are easier for the child to give and easier for the teacher who may be receiving thirty or so gifts in one day. We often go for something consumable, like baked goods or chocolates. I have also learnt that it is best to give Christmas gifts early in the last week of school, not the last day before Christmas break, when often the teachers are overwhelmed with children wanting to have their moment to give the teacher their gift. I know that homemade is best although often we have bought gifts too. Here are a few teacher gift ideas that we like and many of them we have given:

  • Notebook and Pen - I love stationery so this is something we have given many times. Even a nice pen on its own can be thoughtful (I love the Lamy range, think brightly coloured or clear pens). What teacher doesn't love a good a pen! 
  • Small Plant in a Pot - possibly herbs or something hardy, nice to have the child paint the pot or perhaps grow the plant from seed. 
  • Personalised Pencils.
  • Montessori Totes - I wouldn't usually give a teacher a bag but I love these (pictured above) Montessori totes. 
  • Gift Card - possibly to a stationery store or book shop, in Australia we have given Officeworks and Biome gift cards given in a handmade card. 
  • Homemade Baked Goods - gingerbread, rocky road, cookies - pop them in a gift box and remember to enclose a note listing the ingredients. I have also bought baked goods such as Christmas macarons and chocolates to give to teachers. 
  • Homemade Preserves - we love to give homemade strawberry jam, have the children handwrite the labels for a personalised touch. 
  • Handmade Beeswax Candles - young children can make rolled beeswax candles and they are lovely at Christmas time. 
  • Poem or Christmas Story - written by the child.
  • Handwork - made by the children, perhaps something the child has an interest in like an embroidery bookmark, knitwork, cross stitch.
  • Handmade Card - made by the child, it's quick and easy for the children to paint and write a small message for their teacher. 
  • Flowers - this is always popular but I would suggest a small posy, perhaps of homegrown flowers or wildflowers, have the child arrange the flowers themselves. 
  • Personalised Biscuits or Condiments - if you know the teacher's favourite treats this is a cute option, I have seen children give personalised Nutella, Tim Tam, Vegemite and Marmite packets (with the teachers name on the label). 

We want the child to have ownership over the gift so we involve them in the process as much as possible. This year Caspar and Otis have decided to give their teachers Christmas socks. They chose Christmas socks that they thought matched each teacher's personality (see selection here). I hope the teachers like them.

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