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Images: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 Today I'm sharing the top 10 Montessori posts from around the web in 2018. These are from English speaking sites only and I've excluded multiple articles about Jeff Bezos (four in total). There are a few articles here that I hadn't read before. It's nice to read about Montessori from various sources, it gives a more balanced view. I hope you enjoy! 1. Jeff and MacKenzie Bezos Pledge $2 Billion for Homelss and Preschoolers at The New York Times. 2. Montessori schools are exceptionally successful. So why aren't there more of them?... Read more →

It's Christmas Eve and I'm taking a moment to consider all the things that I am thankful for. I hope that you have a wonderful Christmas with those closest to you. We are far from home and send our best wishes to everyone back in Australia. Thank you for your continued support. I will be back later in the week with a couple of posts before the New Year. Sending you love and light. xx Read more →

Many of us associate Oranges with Christmas. In some homes Oranges are placed in the bottom of Christmas stockings and we often use dried oranges in decorations. Today I'm sharing three ways we've used Oranges in our Christmas crafting this week. 1. Cranberry and Orange Garlands. Who doesn't love Cranberry Garlands? We've decided to include some Orange stars to add a little more colour and contrast against the greenery of the Christmas tree. The Orange stars are made using the peel from an Orange and a little shape cutter. After we cut out the Orange stars we thread the stars... Read more →

My children love making Christmas ornaments. They often make them freestyle, with paper, ribbon and lots of stuck on things. But I also like to show them ways we can make ornaments using different materials. 1. Wool Christmas Stars. This first one is a favourite because we almost always have these materials in the house. We use card covered in plastic food wrap. The card is doubled over (it's an Amazon delivery pocket) so it's quite thick. I put toothpicks in the corners of what would be a star, the toothpicks are in far enough that they are stable and... Read more →

Inspiring Forest School Ideas for Outdoor Play

It's clear that many children are not getting enough time outdoors. I've seen backyards full of expensive play equipment and toys that are rarely touched. I'm not sure that is what children really want. Give my children some sticks, rope and a pocket knife (even some walkie talkies) and they are set for hours of outdoor play. I've found lots of ideas from Forest Schools that are useful and relevant to home and outdoor school environments. Here are just a few ideas that I'm loving. Above - baking outside! A completely natural seesaw on a rainy day! Rope platforms for... Read more →

The older boys and I have been making a lot of Christmassy and winter type crafts. They are now on school holidays and most of our days are free. I really wanted to have a try at making Waldorf Window Transparencies so I encouraged Caspar and Otis to have a go too. I first discovered this concept of transparent window scenes through this store (see on Instagram here). Obviously these are really beautiful, as new-comers ours are not going to look so great but that wasn't going to stop us from trying a little DIY. Above is a Christmas tree... Read more →

Since moving to the UK I've loved observing how those in Europe decorate their homes and children's spaces reflecting on the change in seasons and celebrations. I've loved observing European traditions especially at Christmas time! I've been seeing a lot of these cozy De Noest lamps and I couldn't resist their warm glow and ordered one for our home, it now sits on the children's shelves in our living area. It gets darks here really early, around 4pm, so having a lamp in this area adds a touch of warmth and light. Here are a few other Waldorf Style Christmas... Read more →

Otto's most prized possession in his lovely little straw broom! Sweeping is the practical life activity that he does the most, second to cutting banana. It's so simple and easy to do. We have found it easiest to start with a straw broom. It doesn't matter which way he uses it unlike a push broom, he is able to move the leaves around. We gave Otto his first broom when he started walking. Then we modelled how to use it. Having a front porch that constantly has leaves is useful too. We sweep the leaves but soon more blow in.... Read more →

Today I'm sharing some Montessori Christmas themed articles that I have been reading and enjoying this week! I hope you enjoy them too. A Montessori Christmas at Cincinnati Moms Blog. A Montessori compatible Christmas Book - A rare and beautiful thing at Our Montessori Life. - I can't find this book locally but will keep on looking. Christmas Cookies - Montessori Style at Montessori Academy. I love how they have broken down the steps/method of this recipe. Should Parents Tell Their Children the Truth About Santa? and Taking a Look at Santa Again at Montessori for Everyone. If you are... Read more →

Often we can create Montessori style activities using materials we already have in our home. This one is super simple but really engaging. If I want to create a new activity for Otto I will think about what he likes doing and have a look around the house to see what I can find. Otto is currently loving his open close tray so why not add an activity which involves matching lids to their containers. I love this one (above and below) as the jars are exactly the same except for their size. They are glass so he knows he... Read more →

Do you use essential oils at home with your children? They are a great way to help calm your child, prepare them for bed, help with their concentration or even with colds. But it can be difficult to know which oils are safe to use. I've asked a lot of different people for help when using essential oils with my children but I've often received mixed messages and some terrible over the counter advice, so I want to share with you what sources I've actually found useful! There really aren't a bunch of essential oils that are 'kid safe', it... Read more →

I love when December rolls around and I can spend time picking out little gifts for my children's Christmas stockings. It's not something that can be rushed. I will collect little bits and pieces right up until Christmas Eve. Some items are simple, Otis (7yrs) has asked for Tic Tacs. Caspar (11yrs) is hard to buy for but there are a few items here which I've picked out with him in mind. This list is influenced not only by my parenting style but also by my children's interests. I have included lots of links but my aim is to provide... Read more →

Today I want to introduce you to a beautiful Montessori family from Nothern Ireland. Ted was a Montessori child, then a Montessori teacher and now a Montessori Mum! I've never met someone with such strong links to the Montessori philosophy. Ted has two children, a toddler and an infant, and she is hilarious, possibly the funniest Mum I know! So it's a given that I want to share her story and experiences with you. Can you introduce yourself, your family and share a little about where you live? HI, I’m Ted! Wife to Fred and mum to Alfie (July 2016)... Read more →

My Infant Massage Instructor brings a Treasure Basket with her every time she visits. Otto loves it and always spends a lot of time playing with it. It reminds me how important it is to rotate and completely mix up or change the items in a Treasure Basket. It loses appeal if the child is already familiar with the items in it. So for Christmas is just seems appropriate to have a Christmas themed Treasure Basket. Here are a few things that we have in ours: Ribbon - in red and green colours. Large Christmas Bells - we have three... Read more →

Today on Etsy I ordered my children matching Christmas aprons, they are so cute. So I thought I would share some of the other Montessori Christmasy things I am loving on Etsy and a couple of things I'm intending to DIY. Etsy is always such a huge source of inspiration for me! Christmas Stickers - for making cards, putting on gift labels and decorating presents! Christmas Card Making Set - perfect, just put out all the supplies and have the children make their own Christmas cards. Paint a Christmas Ornament - this is a lovely idea if you don't have... Read more →