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Montessori Christmas Finds on Etsy - to buy or DIY

Montessori Christmas Finds at Etsy at HWM

Today on Etsy I ordered my children matching Christmas aprons, they are so cute. So I thought I would share some of the other Montessori Christmasy things I am loving on Etsy and a couple of things I'm intending to DIY. Etsy is always such a huge source of inspiration for me!

  1. Christmas Stickers - for making cards, putting on gift labels and decorating presents!
  2. Christmas Card Making Set - perfect, just put out all the supplies and have the children make their own Christmas cards. 
  3. Paint a Christmas Ornament - this is a lovely idea if you don't have time to make the ornaments, I've seen wood cut out ornaments that just require painting too. 
  4. Christmasy Bibs - adorable fabric. We have the stretchable neck bibs from this same store and they are so useful, Otto can get them on and off independently. 
  5. Christmas Montessori Apron - there are lots of Montessori aprons (with the velcro on the side) in Christmas and even wintery themes. Perfect for making treats like gingerbread and creating some Christmas cheer. 
  6. Christmas Placemat - an easy way to introduce some Christmas decor into the child's table setting. We have a Christmas table cloth that fits perfectly on our children's table too.  
  7. Christmas Rolling Pins - on my wish-list! They leave a pattern when used on biscuits or shortbread.
  8. Christmas Tree Puzzle - I love this idea.
  9. Christmas Cloth Napkins - love! If you don't use cloth napkins with your children perhaps consider it, it teaches manners (grace and courtesy) in a really eco-friendly way. 
  10. Mini Christmas Tree Puzzle
  11. Christmas Tree Stacking Toy 
  12. Christmas Tree Lacing Toy
  13. Christmas Crochet Rattle/Teether
  14. Christmas Sensory Ball and Crochet Teether - we have a ball like this (but in a different colour) and the texture is great for little ones. 
  15. Felt Christmas Tree - I know Otis would love this and it's absolutely DIYable. 
  16. Christmas Tic Tac Toe - this would be a lovely stocking stuffer or gift to friends. 
  17. Nesting Snow Men - ok more winter than Christmas themed but they are really cute. 
  18. Christmas Three Part Cards - just because developing vocabulary and reading skills are important at this time of year too. 
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