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Montessori Stocking Stuffers + Small Gift Ideas - for the older child 6-9yrs+

Montessori Stocking Stuffers for Older Children 6 years + at How we Montessori 2018

I love when December rolls around and I can spend time picking out little gifts for my children's Christmas stockings. It's not something that can be rushed. I will collect little bits and pieces right up until Christmas Eve. Some items are simple, Otis (7yrs) has asked for Tic Tacs. Caspar (11yrs) is hard to buy for but there are a few items here which I've picked out with him in mind. This list is influenced not only by my parenting style but also by my children's interests. I have included lots of links but my aim is to provide ideas, hopefully you can find many of these items locally!

  1. Instax Mini Camera - we have this and the children really enjoy it, ideal for taking snaps on Christmas day!
  2. Nikon Digital Camera
  3. Modeling Beeswax 
  4. Seal and Sealing Wax Set - perfect for finishing off all of those Christmas thank you notes! 
  5. Small Sunprint Kit 
  6. Tinti Tub Play - Otis loves this brand.
  7. Kidsafe Roll On Therapies - essentials oils ready to roll on. These are new to us, Caspar is able to identify when he needs help relaxing and can select and apply his own roll on therapy.
  8. Gift Cards - My children would go crazy for a gift card to their favourite store. Gift cards and membership cards (think museum or gallery) are perfect for the Christmas stocking. 
  9. Sun Leather Pencil Case - I like this one because it's a little bit special and nicer than many other children's pencil cases. 
  10. Colour Change Felt Tip Pens - Otis is getting these. 
  11. Goethe Hand Spinning Top
  12. Insects in Resin 
  13. Rock and Mineral Starter Collection 
  14. Nature Challenge Cards  - these are available in lots of different topics. 
  15. Opinel Knife and Carving Blocks - these are going into Caspar and Otis' stockings.  
  16. Child's Pocket Knife 
  17. Shadow Puppets - always fun, Otis is getting these. 
  18. Kid's Affirmation Cards - I don't have experience with this pack but affirmation cards have worked really well for our family in the past. 
  19. Glow Planets and Stars - both of my children love glow-in-the dark stars. 
  20. Super Spirograph Set - on review this is too large to fit into most stockings, perhaps it will fit into a sack, but Otis would love it!! There are other Spirograph sets that are smaller and more suitable for stockings. 
  21. Hand Held Microscope and Children's Binoculars - Otis is getting this little microscope! 
  22. Walkie Talkies 
  23. Maths Dice Game 
  24. Kaleidoscope Tube Kit 
  25. Sundial with Compass
  26. Rainbow String Game - these are going into Caspar and Otis' stockings!

Two other ideas which I love for my children include a hand held drill and a fire steel

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