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Montessori toddler broom at How we Montessori 15 months

Otto's most prized possession in his lovely little straw broom! Sweeping is the practical life activity that he does the most, second to cutting banana. It's so simple and easy to do. We have found it easiest to start with a straw broom. It doesn't matter which way he uses it unlike a push broom, he is able to move the leaves around. 

We gave Otto his first broom when he started walking. Then we modelled how to use it. Having a front porch that constantly has leaves is useful too. We sweep the leaves but soon more blow in. Initially he would just walk around with the broom but now he can actually sweep!

At the time I couldn't find a toddler sized broom, so we ordered a child sized broom and used a hand saw to cut the handle down and scissors to cut some of the straw. Now it is easy to use and manageable in size. His broom has a total height of 64cm or around 25 inches. The height of the straw head is around 26cm or 10 inches. At 15 months this size is perfect!

Montessori toddler broom at How we Montessori 15 months

For the cost and effort I definitely recommend finding a toddler size broom or cutting a child-size broom down. This one will last Otto until he is three or so. It already gets lots of use!

Montessori toddler watering with small watering can at How we Montessori

In Australia these little brooms were easy to find at our local markets or even at farm or horse supply stores. Michael Olaf had a little orange one (that Otis loved!) but they don't stock it any more. Redecker stocks some brooms in a smaller toddler size (total height around 70 cms). The broom pictured above is from Absorbent Minds, I can't find it on their site but it looks really similar to the Straw Broom at Montessori Design By Nuccia, also UK.Montessori `straw brooms at `how we Montessori

Some straw and corn brooms that are toddler or child size:

  1. This straw broom is by Redecker. In Europe look at Manine Montessori, in the UK Objects of Use. In Australia Montessori Child has one similar. 
  2. Child's Rainbow Broom with Cherry or Hickory Handle at Palumba US. 
  3. Corn Broom at Montessori Services US.
  4. Straw Broom at A2Z Montessori, Australia.

Etsy also has some lovely straw brooms too including at Brooms for Sale (US)

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