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I've written about Forest Schools previously but I want to give a little update since my knowledge and experience with Forest Schools has grown since living in the UK. Both of my school-age children go to Forest School once a week. Caspar (11 years) also goes to Forest School Club (an after-school club) once a week. Otto (14 months) has started attending a Forest School toddler class. Attending Forest School with Otto has been an eye-opener and I've learnt so much about the process. Otto's class is for 1-3 year-olds, so he doesn't play or mix with the other children... Read more →

Are you looking for Christmas gift ideas? Perhaps you are looking for small toys for friends or stocking stuffers? I have listed some of our most used toys and favourite gift ideas for Montessori children - infants to preschoolers. All of these will fit into an average size stocking - some of them I would take out of their packets (like blocks, stamps and gardening tools) and wrap individually. I have included lots of links but please use these ideas and find products locally! For Babies (birth to 1 year) Montessori Baby Set - Pack of Five Toys Coloured Egg... Read more →