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Waldorf Christmas Decorations at How we Montessori

Since moving to the UK I've loved observing how those in Europe decorate their homes and children's spaces reflecting on the change in seasons and celebrations. I've loved observing European traditions especially at Christmas time! I've been seeing a lot of these cozy De Noest lamps and I couldn't resist their warm glow and ordered one for our home, it now sits on the children's shelves in our living area. It gets darks here really early, around 4pm, so having a lamp in this area adds a touch of warmth and light. Here are a few other Waldorf Style Christmas Decorations that I am loving.

My children are now on school holidays and we are planning to spend the next week doing lots of Christmas crafts. Can you guess what we will be making tomorrow inspired by this post? I will share with you if they work out! I hope you have lovely weekend. 

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