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Five Things on a Friday - Best Montessori Shop Blogs & Newsletters

Otis matching animals to cards at How we Montessori

Where will you find people most passionate about Montessori? You will find them in schools but you will also find them running Montessori stores! All of the people that I know that run Montessori stores are so, so passionate but many are also highly trained and experienced in Montessori. Here are my top five Montessori Shop Blogs and Newsletters. A couple of these haven't been recently updated, but don't let that put you off, these articles are timeless and priceless!

  1. Michael Olaf. They also have a ton of information here. Susan Mayclin Stephenson is the author and you will not find a better source of information for Montessori parents. 
  2. Maitri Learning Montessori Pedagogy Blog. This one is for parents and teachers, new and experienced. Julia does a lot of speaking and mentoring and also has a wonderful 'Learning Centre' on the Maitri Learning site. Many of the articles are research based so if you like a bit of science, Julia may by the Montessorian for you!
  3. Montessori Services Ideas and Insights. Montessori Services has a treasure trove of articles, you can sign up to their newsletter at the bottom of this page.
  4. Montessori Child Blog. You will not find anyone more passionate about Montessori than Jessica. Read through the archives for lots of Montessori inspiration and practical information for the home. Montessori Child also has the best product descriptions, they are worthy of a read even if you are not in Australia.
  5. Montessori for Everyone Blog. You can see all of the blog categories to the right. I've used a lot of Montessori for Everyone materials but often while I am researching a topic, I'll find just the information that I need at Lori's blog.

We all find authors that we relate to and I personally recommend all of these. I hope you enjoy! The animal cards in the top picture are by Maitri Learning and the animals are Schleich.

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