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I've been looking for new ways to connect with my children in the evenings. We often work on a puzzle together (we just finished this one), sometimes only for 15-20 minutes. Sometimes the boys will work on it together when I'm busy with Otto. We don't have many board games with us so I thought we would try the RSPB Guess Who. 

It is so much fun and like the puzzles, the boys will play nicely together even when I'm not there. What surprised me was how educational it is. I thought I knew animals fairly well but occasionally, I've had to think hard before answering. The children have been learning so much about the animals, especially the birds. I didn't know there were so many versions of Guess Who and I didn't see how easy it was to use the game, in a child led way, to teach children about dinosaurs, animals, people!! Here are a few educational and interesting Guess Who games that would suit many families and age groups:

  1. National History Museum Guess Who Dinosaur Edition  - this looks fabulous!!
  2. National History Museum Guess Who Animal Edition 
  3. RSPB Guess Who - this is the one we have and love!
  4. Who's She? - a guessing game about extraordinary women (via Kickstarter).
  5. Chessington Guess Who Exclusive - this is an awesome idea, it includes the animals you can find at the resort!
  6. Printable Cards for Guess Who including Vehicles and Animals (at Teachers Pay Teachers) - you can print the cards out and insert them into a standard Guess Who board game. You may need to create an account to view these, the seller is LessonSense.
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