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Weekend Montessori Reading at How we Montessori Jan 2019

How was your week? Have your children gone back to school? I love the holidays but it feels good to get back into routine. Here are a few Montessori related articles that I couldn't wait to share:

  1. Screen Time and Your Child's Development: A Montessori Perspective at Forest Bluff School, author Paula Lillard Preschlack. "This is key: our children will NOT learn to entertain themselves or calm themselves if their long, boring, or uncomfortable moments are filled with screen time or a digital toy. This is an incredibly important skill, one that comes front and center stage when children feel anxious, worried or self-doubting." In this article the author addresses many parental concerns and makes excellent recommendations.
  2. This is a FANTASTIC article for anyone new to Montessori on a budget or has a new baby. My Mostly Montessori Approach: 3 Months at Life is For Living. "The first thing I did was get Claire out of that bouncy seat.""But the most impressive effect of the mirror was its impact on tummy time."
  3. A Montessori Baby Album!!!!!!! If an English version exists please email me! Found via Kathleen at Blog de Maman K
  4. This is a gorgeous Montessori bedroom - Tips to setup the perfect Montessori bedroom for your toddler at The Autism Cafe. This family also has experience with Asperger's and nonverbal Autism. 
  5. This is a play kitchen but I love how they have customised the Ikea Duktig Kitchen at The Krauts. 
  6. The photographs of this school are stunning, Keystone Montessori by Jamy Beecher Photography.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend! 

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