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Montessori 'WOW' Spaces

We are in the process of moving our children's bedrooms around and I've been looking for some fresh bedroom inspiration. There is always one thing that hits me when I look at Montessori rooms online and that's space. It's not about minimalism or KonMari, it's a simple, well thought out and ordered design. 

Above - this is very colourful but it still looks comfortable.

This one is all about light. See how the room isn't full. Everything is at the child's level and there is room for the child to grow into the space.

This is classic Montessori, so beautiful and comfortable. Love the art work!

This space is clearly for the child. Lots of greenery too. This room looks fun. 

Loving the child's work-bench. 

Jasmine does it so well. She has been writing about making Montessori spaces culturally relevant. This is so important, our spaces need to reflect who we are, what our values are, they shouldn't all look the same, you do you!! I'm sure these shelves are Ikea but see how personal this space is. 

Kitchen space with all the details.

Simple, ordered, personal, calm, cozy. 

This is a homeschooling room but the feature that I'm noticing is the Schleich animals on the shelves. For an older child (3yrs+) this is a lovely idea. It keeps the animals ordered and accessible. I'm doing this in our next house!

This room is all about the light, texture and natural colours. The low table next to the shelves is a great idea. This space is so calm and peaceful. 

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