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Nut / Bolt and Screw Type Activities - for Toddlers to Preschoolers

Nut and bolt  screw toys at How we Montessori toddler to preschooler

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Otto loves containers and jars with screw top lids, he will use them repeatedly. We have lots of containers in his open and close tray but I have been thinking about nut/bolt and screw type toys. They are fantastic for developing coordination, concentration and very importantly wrist and hand strength. I've been looking everywhere for a large wooden nut and bolt (f.) that we've had previously. If you know where I can find one please let me know. I realised that Otto has a lovely olive wood nut cracker (g.) in his discovery basket. It almost has the same function don't you think?

There are quite a few other nut/bolt and screw type activities that are suitable for toddlers. I've been told previously that for toddlers it's best to use the nut/bolt that is loose so the child can use two hands to screw them together. The block type activities (where the child screws into the block) are designed for slightly older children. You know we prefer wooden options where possible too. For toddlers I'm looking at a, b, c, e, f, g, and m. Although m is using a block I love that it allows for size discrimination. I also love for the child to use these activities for patterning (e, q) and the screwing activity designed for two children (p.) is a great idea too. Although in Montessori we recommend using real tools I can see a lot of merit in the Melissa and Doug construction set also (h). Anyway, something to think about...

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