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The Importance of Toddler Block Play

Otto's Montessori Bedroom - 15 Months

Montessori Toddler Room

I was going to give an update on Otto's bedroom - to show how he has grown into the space. But then I realised I only had photographs of half of the room. But this pretty much is it, out of picture he has a wardrobe, his weaning table and chair and his ball tracker.

He has a lot of his toys and materials in our living area downstairs but we always keep a few things in his room to play with before or after bed. This is a favourite spot for reading and playing with his brothers. 

Montessori Toddler Room

We've put the high side of Otto's bed on the side opposite to the wall, this stops him from falling or hanging out. He can still easily get in and out of his bed himself. It just allows him to better feel where the edge is. 

He has a mirror and hook for his bath robe on his wardrobe door. He currently doesn't have the baby gate on his door as we have his potty just outside of his room. 

HWM Montessori Toddler Room

He has some blocks, stacking toy, puzzle and night light. The first 100 words book is a current favourite as he is going through a phase where he loves to point and name things. We only have limited light here so I will be sure to take some more pictures next time the sun is shining!!

Montessori Floor Bed and Infant Shelves are c/o Sprout and Bookcase is c/o Tidy Books. 

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