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Weekend Montessori Reading - Links to Love!

New Montessori School  China

Image credit: My Arka Design. Montessori Kindergarten, Beijing

Have you ever seen a Montessori space that takes your breath away? I have a few links here that might do just that! I hope you enjoy these Montessori and related articles:

  1. A new Montessori school in China - this is breathtakingly beautiful - so fresh and light. Found via Cuteandkids
  2. Michels Nursery at 3.5 Years at MontiMinis - this room is so, absolutely, crazy cute, I adore it!! If you love Montessori spaces you must check it out!
  3. The Prepared Environment at Creciendo con Montessori (English here).  
  4. Louis' new playroom at Ondrai et Louis - beautiful and extremely well organised!!
  5. 5 Simple winter cooking activities to do with your toddler at Montessori-ish Mom. James in this article is two years old. 
  6. "The skills a child is building in the kitchen have a direct correlation to academics, even if they’re not in a Montessori classroom." Academics in the Kitchen at baan dek.
  7. This looks like fun - The Grimm's Puzzle Square at The Pinay Homeschooler. 

Have a lovely weekend!!

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