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Beautiful Ways to Store and Display Waldorf Play Silks

Although more Waldorf than Montessori, play silks are wonderful for open-ended play. They provide a  lovely sensory experience, are so colourful and are just too beautiful to put away in a basket. Why not display them, keeping them crease free and easily accessible to the children? Here are a few ways to store and display play silks that I am loving. 

Above on wooden hooks, right next to the Waldorf play stand.

The play silks at Little Acorns to Mighty Oaks always catch my attention. It looks like the play silks are hanging over a string or rope, but what makes this so eye-catching is the placement of colours in the colour spectrum, a perfect ROYGBIV!!

Tied to a branch!

Tied to the stairs. 

On simple wooden hooks at the child's height - in seasonal colours. 

Beautiful! I love these type of hooks that have a shelf on top. 

These are simply hung over a ribbon, one end of the ribbon is tied to a shelf and the other secured to the wall. Easy, quick and affordable.

I've seen play silks stored like this in a few Waldorf schools, secured with pegs which are on a board. Functional!

These are at a Waldorf School, which might explain why they have so many silks. These are simply and loosely tied, again see the colour spectrum. 

Tied and hanging on hooks. 

This is a super size peg board. 

This is also at a Waldorf School, on a wooden dowel the silks are hanging on clear shower curtain rings. So pretty!!

Hanging on an accordian style expanding display, lovely!!

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