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Child Friendly Picture Frames at How we Montessori-2

I recently had a light bulb moment regarding children's picture frames. Otis was frequently bringing art-work home from art class and he has so many sports certificates and awards. He wanted to display them and blu-tack was removing paint from our walls. What if he could change the frames himself, and then put whatever certificate he wanted in the frame? It was possible!! We've started using the Articulate Gallery Frames but we also have the DeNoest frames throughout our house for rotating art cards. Here are a few child friendly picture frames that we have and recommend or are on our wish list:

  1. Four Frame Art Gallery Collection by Lil Davinci.
  2. Magnetic 3D Art Frame A4 by Great Little Furniture Co. This is a new release. The artwork is simply secured to the frame with a magnet. 
  3. Kids Art Frame 18x24 by Lil Davinci.
  4. Kids Art Frame 8.5x11 White by Dynamic Frames.
  5. Triple Gallery Picture Frame 9x12 by Articulate Gallery.
  6. Children's Single Art Work Picture Frame A4 by Articulate Gallery. This has been perfect for Otis' sports awards as well as artwork, it is really, really easy to slide the art or certificate into the frame, a toddler could probably do it independently but definitely by preschool age. These are a little heavier and more solid than some of our other frames but they are also very sturdy. 
  7. Joyful Child Frame by Michael Olaf. This frame fits a pack of 10 the art cards also at Michael Olaf which makes them really easy to rotate. The cards slip in through an opening at the top and there is no glass on the frame to worry about. Perfect for putting at the child's height. 
  8. Poster Frame A4 by DeNoest. DeNoest have a good range of wooden frames we use the A4 and postcard size frames. The A4 size is perfect for displaying flat children's artwork. The frames have a slot on the side so it's easy to slide in or out the art or a picture. These are also surprisingly light so are fine to hang with command strips or on a simple hook. Can be used landscape or portrait. The timber on these is lovely. 
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