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First Threading/Lacing - Four Ways Including Free, Compostable and Natural.

Otto's first threading wood pieces at How we Montessori 2019

What are the first threading/lacing materials you use at home or in your classroom? Perhaps threading beads? With Otis we used pasta (penne) and cotton reels but with Otto, I noted that it was easier if the items where much thinner. Otto's first threading activity was using the wood pieces pictured above. 

1. Wooden Disks - completely natural, handmade by a small business. I love the texture too. If you had a drill this could be a DIY.

Otto threading oversize buttons at How we Montessori 17 months

2. Oversized Buttons - later these will be useful for colour and language work. These also stack so could be used like colour tokens and for patterning.

Otto threading oversize buttons at How we Montessori 17 months

I love observing the toddler's development of the pincer (fantastic to see Otto!). Also, the concentration was so good on this one. I strongly believe that toddlers are capable of deep concentration and that a child who is able to concentrate will be calmer, more satisfied and fulfilled. 

Otto threading pasta at 17 months  with shoelace at how we montessori

3. Wheel/Rotelle Pasta - these were free (well, they were in our cupboard) and are completely biodegradable/compostable. They are on the small side but it just makes it a little more challenging (see Otto's grasp). I don't put these on Otto's shelves but keep them in the kitchen and pull out when needed.

First threading with milk tops at How we Montessori  recycling milk lids

4. Milk Lids - I used a nail and a hammer to make the hole in the lid and then inserted a skewer to make the hole larger. I didn't have many lids but I will start collecting and perhaps see if I can find cartons with different colour lids. Why buy when you can reuse! We already had the shoelace so this was free.

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