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Montessori Home Ideas at Kmart - Australia

Montessori ideas at Kmart Australia at How we Montessori

I know a lot of Australians live closer to a Kmart than they do to an Ikea. So when I recently discovered one of their awesome matching games, I really wanted to share it with you. But more than that, I realised that you could do so much to create a Montessori home with one trip to Kmart! 

  1. Children's Table and Chair Set White - great for a snack table, art area, work table, almost anything! Remember that you can cut down the legs of almost any wooden furniture to make it fit a younger child/toddler. 
  2. Activity Gym - for $17 this is hard to beat. It doesn't come with any toys so you can add your own (bell on a ribbon, ring on a ribbon, batting toys, puzzle ball), it looks fantastic. I love the natural timber as it wouldn't distract the child. Simple and affordable. If I were in Australia, expecting a baby I would absolutely check this out!
  3. 4 Cube Unit Oak Look - low shelving suitable for storing and displaying children's materials.
  4. Floor Basket with Handles - Kmart have so many baskets!
  5. Braided Floor Rug in Pink
  6. Sensory Shapes Assorted - also see these sensory balls for baby/toddler play. 
  7. Horse Figurine Assorted - Kmart have a large range of model animals, for open-ended play or language work.  
  8. Storage Tub Pink
  9. Large Natural Tray - this could work well for nature collections, model animals, rocks and minerals, almost any collection of materials to display on the child's shelves. 
  10. Folding Serve Tray - my children love this style for working sitting on the floor doing things like drawing or puzzles, it gives them a flat surface while still sitting on the floor comfortably. + Wooden Rainbow - for stacking, learning colours. 
  11. Wooden Fruit Book - I love that they have used realistic/photographic images.  
  12. Small Rectangular Basket 
  13. Bamboo Tray - for storing and displaying puzzles, practical life activities or art activities. I like that this one has handles which may make it easier for the child to carry. 
  14. Wooden Memory Game - I love this and would absolutely check it out. It's wooden and uses photographic images, I would use it for matching not only as a memory game.
  15. Wooden Animal Book - again with lifelike images!
  16. Kitchen Utensils Playset Assorted - the description says it's for pretend play only but I would have a good look, I am sure some of these could be used by the child in real cooking too. 
  17. Lacquer Rectangle Tray Sage
  18. Bamboo Step Stool
  19. Wooden Photographic Blocks Animals - have a look at these, photographic images for matching work. 
  20. Trucks and Diggers Puzzle Book + Construction Vehicles Assorted
  21. Wood Tangram
  22. Watercolour Paint Set - Kmart has a huge amount of paints and affordable children's arts and crafts materials.  
  23. 3 Tier Bamboo Shoe Rack - has potential, perhaps low shelving for arts and crafts or for practical life?
  24. Origami Paper - for origami, cutting and pasting work, various arts and craft. 
  25. 50 Piece Wooden Construction Set - I love that this has lots of wooden nuts and bolts for fine motor work. 
  26. Twirly Whirly Rainbow Ramp
  27. Wooden Xylophone
  28. 3 Pack Chubby Brushes - these would be on my shopping list!
  29. 5 Pack Textured Brushes - I would be getting these too. My children love the texture wands which are really similar. It's nice to offer children different textures and brushes when painting and exploring with paint. 
  30. 7 Paint Pot Tray - love this!!
  31. 50 Piece Magnetic Tiles Playset 
  32. 50 Piece Magnetic Block Tiles 

I could have included so many more items. Kmart has a large variety of trays, baskets, model animals, blocks, books and arts and, crafts materials. They also have some lovely nature puzzles for older children. Please note this post isn't sponsored or endorsed by Kmart. I also can't guarantee that all of these products are available in all stores. If you've been to Kmart recently, I'd love to hear what you liked or what's worked for your children!

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