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Sprout kitchen helper

Have you seen the new Kitchen Helper at Sprout? It allows young children to safely and independently reach the kitchen counter or sink. One thing I love about the Sprout team is that they do a huge amount of consultation. When designing their Montessori (and Montessori inspired) furniture, they work with Montessori teachers and parents and work and work until the design passes all the tests and meets all the requirements. Which why I think you'll like this design. 

There are a couple of other reasons why I'll always have a really good look at Sprout furniture. It's made by a company with heart, the products are made in the US and the pieces all just click together (it's genius how well it works). As someone who moves a lot and also moves across continents I appreciate how easy it is to assemble (no screws, no hex keys), disassemble and ship flat packed. 


The Sprout Kitchen Helper is made from durable baltic birch just like the rest of their Montessori range, it's natural and looks great. The Kitchen Helper is designed for children from 18 months of age, the toddler can climb into the helper themselves (as above) or if the child is a little younger, you can turn the helper around (so the steps are against the cupboard) and you can lift the child in. It's nice and secure, the child can safely access the kitchen bench and make their own snack or help you in the kitchen! It's also height adjustable.


I love that it has no screws, is streamlined and compact. Would I have this in my kitchen? Yes!

The good news is the Kitchen Helper will be available for pre-order from March 5. I will post a reminder during the pre-order period along with a nice discount, so stay tuned. 

Sprout are running a give away from now until midnight March 4 (MST US). All you need to do to enter is to click "Get on the List" on the Kitchen Helper product page and sign up for the launch notifications. The giveaway will close and a winner will be chosen right before the pre-order goes live.


I don't know of any similar products that are made specifically for and with detailed input from the Montessori community. Sprout also ship to the UK and internationally. Shipping prices are calculated at check out. HWM is an affiliate partner with Sprout, we have Sprout furniture in our home and I wouldn't endorse a product that I didn't believe in. Let me know if you have any questions about the Kitchen Helper, and I'll get an answer before the launch. 

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