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PERFECT Montessori Baby Spaces!!

I've been helping a local family set up their Montessori baby room (just giving some gentle guidance). I found it easier to show them with pictures rather than tell them with words about the Montessori aspects of the room. It makes sense when you can see what the room might look like. My general advice was:

  1. Stay flexible - once the baby is born you may want to change things around.
  2. A baby play space doesn't have to be in the bedroom - it might work well to have a play space (movement mat/mirror/mobiles/shelving) in a living area. 
  3. Use what you already have - is there a mirror you have that can go on the wall, can you use a folded blanket rather than a new play mat, can a play gym be built or borrowed. 
  4. Go as natural as you can - think natural light (baby space near a window can work well), use natural fibres and colours. 

A Montessori baby space doesn't have to mean changes or damage to the wall or ceiling, this is so key for renters. We used a stand alone horizontal mirror which was completely safe and didn't need attaching to the wall. There are also a few baby gym type options in which you can hang a mobile, removing the need for hooks or wall hangers. These are a few new baby spaces which I've bookmarked, I think they are all perfection!! 

This is a picture of the space being used. Also, have a look at this space, so simple. 

I love the use of colour in this room, it's very calming. This room has a lot of space to add things as the child grows, there is no need to fill a nursery with things you 'think' you might need, sometimes it's best to wait and see.  

The window provides natural light and another focal point for the child. Being near a window may mean you can get a gentle breeze to move the mobile and perhaps some lovely bird or outdoor sounds. This style of play gym is good and high enough for the mobiles, ideal for renters (or just those who like clean walls!). 

These look like adhesive mirror squares, often they are really affordable. I adore this leaf shaped playmat, also the topponcino is a great way to transition a baby from arms to floor. A big playmat like this means older siblings can lie down and play or read to the infant comfortably. 

Using the play gym near the mirror, this is an excellent set up in a very small space. 

This room is huge and ticks all the boxes. The lambswool will be perfect for the newborn and a large floor bed will work for tired parents and baby. I LOVE this type of mirror, it doesn't damage the walls and it can be moved around the room or even moved room to room easily!

I see so much potential for this space, only a few changes will be needed as the child grows. 

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