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Loving - Rainbow Rag Rugs in Children's Spaces

Rainbow rugs in Montessori spaces at how we montessori
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I love natural furniture in children's spaces with pops of colour provided by soft furnishings like rugs and cushions. Rugs can add warmth and help to define an area. In particular, I am loving these rainbow rag rugs. The cotton rag rug we have is nice, thick and soft, perfect for a young child to sit or lie on. They look lovely in children's reading or playing areas or even in a Montessori toddler class!

Rainbow Rag Rugs at How we Montessori

  1. Happy Rainbow Rug at Baltic Frog (EU). 
  2. Multicoloured Rainbow Rag Rug at Scarramouch (UK).
  3. Megs Rainbow Braided Cotton Rug at Green At Heart Rugs (US). 
  4. Hand Made Round Rainbow Coloured Braided Cotton and Jute Rag Rug at Bohemian Inspiration (UK)
  5. Nursery Rug, Multicoloured at EsTeRaP (US).
  6. 60" Rainbow Rug made from braided recycled t-shirt at Green At Heart Rugs (US)
  7. 58" Braided Rug at Green At Heart Rugs (US).
  8. Rainbow Rag Rug at Spiral Garden (AU) - this is one we have.
  9. Pastel Rainbow Tshirt Yarn Nursery Rug at Love Indi Lou (AU).
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