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Ways to Display Schleich Animals

Wall display of schleich animals at how we montessori 2019

We recently moved Otto into Otis' old room. Otis had this wooden display unit on his wall for his minerals and fossils. I've been thinking about ways to display Schleich animals and thought we would try using this display unit for some of Otto's animals. It works, Otto loves playing with them and always tries to return them to the little cubby holes. Otto loves to point and name the animals too. Schleich animals really beautiful, why not put them on display? Here are a few other ideas I love for displaying Schleich animals...

Above the animals are on a craft display shelf (details are on the Instagram post). 

In categories on open shelving. 

Wooden shelving  display for schleich animals in a montessori home

On wooden shelves grouped into continents. This picture was sent to me from Blydie a couple of years ago and I think it's such a good idea!


I also love this idea from a thousand words for displaying a collection of favourite animals (of all brands). This would be easy to rotate, put the most played with animals down the bottom. So cute!!

On a peg board?? 

On round shelves.

Dinosaurs on shelf at hwm

Or perhaps just on the children's shelves? 

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