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Weekend Montessori Inspiration

Montessori inspiration from mimimoi

How was your week? We are in the middle of toilet learning with Otto (no daytime nappies!) so we've been spending a lot of time at home. Here are a few sources of Montessori inspiration that I've been enjoying this week. 

  • The above furniture is all by minimoi - isn't it lovely!! It's also practical. The first wardrobe (top left) is nice and compact and see the care of self station/basin has wheels. There are so many good ideas here. 
  • This is a Kickstarter project I can get behind - Montessori Cookbook: Pepper and Parsley in the Kitchen. The first ever Montessori-inspired children's story cookbook. It only has 16 days to go!!
  • In praise of scribbling at Milkweed Montessori. "And these are our scribbling materials". "Just colour and movement and experience. The feeling of crayon in hand, wax against paper. What freedom. What beauty."
  • Why I Love Toddlers at The Montessori Notebook. I agree one hundred percent, the toddler stage is my favourite! The Montessori Toddler book by Simone is now available for preorder with a release date of March 19! I can't wait for this book to have even more reach. 
  • I've just ordered this (Kiddy Wash Basin) for our small bathroom. I hope it works well. Let me know if you want pictures once it arrives! 
  • This is gorgeous and there is lots of room for the child to grow - Our Montessori Room for a Baby at Monte Mother.

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

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