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What's New at Ikea - for a Montessori Home (or Classroom)?

New at Ikea Feb 2019 at How we Montessori
Ikea has a wonderful way of bringing colour and a little cheerfulness into our homes. Here are a few new things I'm loving at Ikea, which may suit a Montessori home or classroom. They have heaps of new trays, a few new baskets and lots of accessories for the bathroom:

  1. KRYDDNEJLIKA children's apron - this isn't toddler sized but perhaps for a preschooler (length is 20" or 51cm). The print is lovely!! 
  2. KNALLGUL coloured/decorative tape
  3. UTVÄNDIG natural tray - with handles, is 16"x16" (40x40cm), this has so many uses, for work or for a display. This oval tray is really nice too, it might be too big for children to carry it but I would use it as a display, like a nature display. 
  4. SOMMAR 2019 multi coloured tray - so cheerful. 8"x11" (28x20cm).
  5. SOMMAR 2019 four small round trays - these are just so bright and colourful!!
  6. SOMMAR 2019 red/pink tray - perfect for art/wet or some practical life activities at 13"x13" (33x33cm).
  7. FRAMKELLA patterned round tray - again for art/wet or practical life or drink/snack station, 17" (43cm) diameter. 
  8. KLAPPA soft ball - also see their KLAPPA snuggle high contrast blanket.
  9. KLAPPA Play book - I'm not usually a fan of busy books but this one looks nice and simple. 
  10. GRÄSMARÖ gardening tools - not toddler size but could be used by elementary age children. 
  11. IKEA PS VÅLLÖ watering can - this is tiny at 10oz or 300ml. 
  12. SOMMAR 2019 jar with lid - great for storage or for collections (volume 17oz or 500ml).
  13. SOMMAR 2019 jar with lid - set of three smaller jars (volume 4oz or 120mls), perfect for storing art or craft materials for the older child. 
  14. SOMMAR 2019 barbecue tray - this is made from stainless steel, perhaps for outdoor work or for the nature table?
  15. SOMMAR 2019 metal picnic basket 
  16. KNALLGUL desk organizer - these little boxes have many uses, think storing arts and crafts or small bits and pieces. 
  17. YPPERLIG birch shelves - these are listed as new in the UK but not in the US, they are the nicest shelves I've seen at Ikea, would work well in a child's or family space. I love open shelving, they bring in so much light and can look really beautiful!!
  18. RÅGKORN natural planter - decorative basket for plants or perhaps even for work rugs?
  19. TISKEN coloured hooks with suction cup - can be applied to tiles and hung at the child's height. 
  20. PRESSA hanging dryer with clothes clips - if hung low enough this would provide pegging practice for children, perhaps they could hang their washed napkins, or socks to dry. 
  21. TISKEN towel rack with suction cups - this can be used on tiles in the bathroom and put at the child's height. 
  22. TISKEN toothbrush holder with suction cups - perfect for the bathroom and using on tiles or other flat surfaces, at the child's height. 
  23. TISKEN bathroom basket with suction caps - easy to use in the bathroom at the chid's height, perhaps for storing a wash-cloth or hair-brush. I also love this soap dish with suction cup, this is perfect for using in the shower where the adult soap dish is usually up too high for the child to reach.

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