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When we talk about children playing outdoors we often refer to the use of gross motor skills. But there is no reason children can't use their fine motors skills outdoors too. I have found that some children can concentrate better outside, the fresh air and open space can be calming.... Read more →

One of the most important things we can do as Montessori parents is to follow our children. This means following and meeting their unique and individual developmental needs. It means following their interests, their skill level and working to their time line. It's why we can't provide a comprehensive list... Read more →

I love indoor gardening, I cannot get enough of it. But I know not all parents share my enthusiasm. Growing plants indoors can provide wonderful learning opportunties for children. Children can get close to nature no matter the weather, they can observe up close the wonders of plant life. Growing... Read more →

We travel and eat out a lot. It's important that children feel a part of the process and aren't continuously distracted or placated throughout travel, or in waiting rooms or at a sibling's sporting events. However I have three children and recognise there are times when a few distractions can... Read more →

The entryway is an important part of a Montessori home environment. It's an area that can serve us and our toddler well if it is thought out and organised. Why do we need a toddler entryway? Promotes order and independence. Allows the child to easily look after and put away... Read more →

It's wonderful when a child, especially a toddler, can do their chosen activity independently from start to finish. I recently wrote a little about the snack containers we have been using. Otto (18 months) can open them independently but cannot close them. It's not so much of an issue as... Read more →

Above pictured are some of the recent language baskets and trays I've used with Otto (18 months). My approach with Otto is slightly different to what I used with Otis. I've made sure that all of Otto's language materials are relevant to him and our family. The animals are animals... Read more →

Have you been looking for an audio player for your toddler? Something that is screen free, with a volume limiter and something that is really robust? We've been using the hörbert and I've been receiving a lot of requests for more affordable options. These audio players (pictured above) meet my... Read more →