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Montessori family bird subscription box at how we montessori bird identification

Before we moved to the UK last year I was fortunate to connect with Carine from Montessori Family. She was a Montessori teacher and now runs a parent-toddler group in Central Bedfordshire. Carine has become a good friend and I relate to her style of parenting. I also appreciate the many hours she spends helping and educating Montessori parents from around the world. She is tireless and she is passionate. So when Carine brought out a Montessori Family subscription box I already knew it would be something I would like and knew I could trust the contents. 

The Montessori Family Box is for children aged 3-6yrs. Otis is now seven but I thought he would like the Montessori Family Box theme of birds so we decided to give it a try! I also found that many aspects of the box would also be useful for younger children, we've involved Otto in some of the activities too. Our Montessori Family Box as pictured is c/o Montessori Family.

Montessori family bird subscription box at how we montessori bird identification

What I like about the Montessori Family Box is that the materials are adaptable to your child's age, skills and, abilities. Although instructions are provided, you can use the materials as you like. Below we have taken one of the three-part cards on a bird hunt. I know it's likely we will find a blackbird, so I have introduced the (verbal) word 'blackbird' to Otto and we go out looking for blackbirds - and find one!! Later we could use the cards for matching or sorting and next year or even the year after Otto can use them as three-part cards. 

The materials are of high quality, they are all professionally made. The images are clear, the paper is glossy and the cards are thick. Each month the theme changes, so you can introduce them to your child or save them for when an interest arises. The Montessori Family Box is available for shipping in the UK and across Europe.

Montessori family bird subscription box at how we montessori bird identification

The Montessori Family February Box with the theme of birds (which is still available) includes:

  • Written instructions and an introduction to the Montessori Method.
  • Access to a members area on the Montessori Family Website including videos on how to present and use the materials and extra resources like recorded bird sounds. 
  • Robin Puzzle.
  • Bird Three-Part Cards - including birds from different habitats, with label cards, which also allow for sorting per habitat. 
  • Parts of a Bird Three-Part Cards - these allow the child to learn and identify parts of the bird.
  • Bird Collage Materials - a picture of a bird with feathers for pasting including fine motor work. 
  • Fair Trade Bird Whistle.
  • Beautiful Spot the Bird sheets - these encourage you to go outside and sport the bird, in three different habitats. Once we've used these on our nature/forest walks we will be cutting out the pictures are using them in collage or perhaps also for language materials. The pictures are too beautiful not to reuse them.

If you've ever made your own three-part card you will know how much work goes into them. If you haven't used three-part cards before this is a great place to learn and try them out. There are hours, perhaps weeks worth of potential lessons or work within these materials. 

Robin puzzle at How we Montessori

Once the Montessori Box is sold out the same theme won't be available again for two years. So if there is a chance your child will like the theme it's best to order a box and put it aside or it might spark an interest now. Some of the Montessori Family Box themes include: colour exploration, moon cycle, seasons, continents, birds, and, land/air/water. I wish we had ordered the colour exploration box when it was available as I love this theme but will keep my eyes out for next time it comes around!! All of the details of the Montessori Family Box can be found here.

The Montessori family Box

Thank you Carine for our Montessori Family February Box. The theme for the Montessori Family March Box is Seasons! 

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