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Otto is almost 18 months old and it feels like a good time to revisit some of our Montessori home spaces. I'll explain how they work and how we troubleshoot. Our spaces are fluid, always changing. I hope these posts will give you a few ideas for your home environment. At almost eighteen months Otto can: Put on/take off socks independently - only loose socks, not socks that are tight. Wool socks are great. Put on/take off boots independently - only his rain boots and not always on the right feet. He can also take them off. Put on/take off... Read more →

This month Otto will be eighteen months old. At the same age, both Caspar and Otis started at the local Montessori School attending a Parent-Toddler Class. Our first Montessori Parent-Toddler Class was life-changing, for the first time I could see and connect with a genuine Montessori environment, Montessori teachers and parents. I feel disappointed that Otto will not have the same experience. So what can you do if you can't get to a Montessori Parent-Toddler Class? Here are a few things I'll be doing: Don't replicate a Montessori classroom at home. It would be easy to think if we can't... Read more →

Just a short note to let you know that the Sprout Kitchen Helper is now available for pre-order with discount!! If you haven't already, take a look at the design, I think you'll like it. Sprout have consulted with hundreds of teachers, parents, and caregivers to create a beautiful functional kitchen helper that enables children to be safely involved in the kitchen. It is adjustable from 18 months and is sustainably made in the US. You can now use the discount code HWMKH to receive a 15% discount off the kitchen helper!! The preorder sale ends March 12th. Kitchen helpers... Read more →

Before we moved to the UK last year I was fortunate to connect with Carine from Montessori Family. She was a Montessori teacher and now runs a parent-toddler group in Central Bedfordshire. Carine has become a good friend and I relate to her style of parenting. I also appreciate the many hours she spends helping and educating Montessori parents from around the world. She is tireless and she is passionate. So when Carine brought out a Montessori Family subscription box I already knew it would be something I would like and knew I could trust the contents. The Montessori Family... Read more →

Charity Shops and Dollar Stores are good places to find Montessori basics like practical life materials. We already have a lot of materials at home so I'm not looking for many new things but I love it when I find something that is unique or individual. I also love it when I see something that I really want and I know that it will only cost a dollar (or a pound). (I still think in dollars even though we use pounds here.) Above, I've found a few wooden trays like this in charity shops. This one was £2, it has... Read more →

Our daffodils are starting to open and there are butterflies and even a few bumble bees in our garden. Spring cannot be too far away! Here are a few things I'm loving on Etsy for Spring: Loose Parts / Build a Nest Activity - we make our own nests almost every year. It's a good hands-on learning activity for Spring. Bunch of Daffodils Card - I love the idea of using cards for art and why not use plant prints which celebrate the season. First Signs of Spring Print - these first signs of spring/summer/autumn/winter prints are brilliant, we have... Read more →

I really wanted to write this post as this is may be the smallest house we will live in as a family. There are a few things unique about our current situation. We are living overseas for two years, so we don't have a lot of our things with us and our accommodation is temporary, we can't make any changes to our house. But there might be others in a similar situation or some of these ideas might apply to others renting or living in small spaces. It is so important for us to remember that bigger isn't better, we... Read more →

I recently had a light bulb moment regarding children's picture frames. Otis was frequently bringing art-work home from art class and he has so many sports certificates and awards. He wanted to display them and blu-tack was removing paint from our walls. What if he could change the frames himself, and then put whatever certificate he wanted in the frame? It was possible!! We've started using the Articulate Gallery Frames but we also have the DeNoest frames throughout our house for rotating art cards. Here are a few child friendly picture frames that we have and recommend or are on... Read more →