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The Montessori Toddler Entryway

Otto's area in our entryway isn't working well, the hooks keep on falling down (being pulled down) and it's always messy. Entryways are so important as often they are the first place we see when we enter our homes. They are designed to help us to be more organised. Toddler entryway spaces need to be functional but is it possible for them to be beautiful too? Here are a few toddler entryways that I am admiring. 

Pictured above, this is wonderfully organised and has just the right amount of space for the amount of belongings. The step would also be a great place for a toddler to sit and put on shoes. 

Really beautiful and functional. Pegs, mirror, shoe tray - yes, yes, yes! Those little drawers would be perfect for little hats and gloves.

Comfort is important too!

This little bench is custom made and fits the area perfectly. 

This cute little hanger for keeping coats tidy!

Cube chairs can work well in entryway spaces.

Our entryway is too dark for a plant, the artwork and mat are good ideas!

Want to see our finished entryway? If I can rearrange the area so it finally works, I'll post some pictures!!

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