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Types of toys we are using - at 18 months + lots of gift ideas!

Montessori at home toys at How we Montessori for around 18 months at 2019

One of the most important things we can do as Montessori parents is to follow our children. This means following and meeting their unique and individual developmental needs. It means following their interests, their skill level and working to their time line. It's why we can't provide a comprehensive list of toys of materials you can use at any one age. However, we can gain ideas and inspiration from other parents and families. It's why blogs are so useful, we can take a peek into each other's homes and see what others are using.

Here is a list of toys that we are using at 18 months, some of these we are phasing in and some are phasing out, but all of these are well used and what I would call successful at this age. This list is of toys that we use at home, and doesn't include practical life or art materials.

Large / Gross Motor toys - Trike, Pikler Arch, Small Wheely Bug, Rainbow Marble Tree, Ball Tracker, Giant Stacker, Sand/Water Table + Water Wheel (outside), Wooden Barn with model animals.

The books that I use most frequently when choosing toys and activities for this age group include The Montessori Toddler, The Absorbent Mind and, The Joyful Child

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